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Rates & Insurance


The fees at Center City Neuropsychology will vary based on the type of servce and the provider. Both Dr. Askin works on an hourly basis. For estimation purposes, one can plan on up to 15-20 hours of billable time involved for a Neuropsychological evaluation. Consultation and therapy services are typically billed in hourly increments. 


As of October 2013, Dr. Askin participates with Medicare and the Blue Cross Blue Shield products, which includes Highmark in Pennsylvania and Premier Blue for nearby states outside of PA and others.  

Dr. Askin is certainly able to see you if you do not have one of these insurances. Your services may still be covered partially or totally by your health insurance or employee benefit plan.  You will need to pay the fees out of pocket and up front directly to CCN, and then you can request reimbursement from your plan. CCN will help you with this reimbursement process, namely by providing an itemized receipt of services provided, including appropriate service and diagnostic codes, for you to submit for payment.  At times, appeal letters are appropriate and created to assist with reimbursement. 

Please check your coverage in advance for out of network benefits carefully by asking the following questions:

  • Do I have benefits that cover neuropsychological testing or psychotherapy? (CPT codes 90791, 96118 and/or 90834 are the most frequently used procedure codes). 
  • Do I have benefits that cover out of network providers and services? 
  • What is the coverage amount? Does it vary based on the referral question (e.g. mental health vs medical)?
  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?

How to Pay

Cash, check and/or all major credit cards are accepted for payment. 

Deposit & Payment Schedule

A deposit of 30% of the estimated total fee, determined as part of the telephone intake interview, is due in order to secure your appointment. The remaining 70% is expected at the time of the feedback meeting, prior to the meeting.  


Questions? Please
contact me for further information.