Services Provided

Services Provided

1. Neuropsychological Evaluations, which typically include the following:

     - Initial intake questionnaire and interview  
     - approximately 6-10 hours of individual testing
     - review of previous records and evaluation results
     - personal feedback session  
     - comprehensive written report with detailed recommendations.

An evaluation may also include a classroom observation of a child, as well as attendance at school or personnel meetings, for an additional fee. 

Please note, there are many reasons why a full neuropsychological evaluation may not be necesary. Only a few components of the full evaluation may be more appropriate at times. This can be time, cost, and energy saving. If you think you may not require a full evaluation, please raise your concerns with Dr. Askin during the intake process and together you can decide on how to best answer your referral questions. 

2. Expert Consultation

Dr. Askin is available to consult with families, schools, other healthcare providers and lawyers in an effort to assist them in understanding and providing better care and services to the individual in question. Consultation can be over the phone or in person.  Dr. Askin has worked on several legal cases with disability lawyers and advocates, and in some cases is willing to provide testimony at depositions, hearings and trials. 

3. Supportive psychotherapy and counseling

Dr. Askin is also a psychotherapist with specific interest in and experience working with individuals with disabiltiies.  The majority of the clients she sees for therapy are either individuals or family members of individuals who have experienced either developmental or acquired neurological disorders (e.g., hydrocephalus, learning disorders, ADHD, traumatic brain injury and stroke).

Emily Askin, Ph.D.
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